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metal constructions and
mechanical assembly work

Production areas allow to produce permanent metal structures with dimensions up to 8 meters high, up to 5.5 meters wide and up to 40 meters long. Weight up to 30 tons. Constructions are made of various metals and steels such as: various structural, wear-resistant, stainless steels, aluminum, etc.

The company has a wide experience in the manufacture of load-bearing structures, compensators of various shapes and sizes, screws, gears, tube plates, heat exchangers, various parts of machines and units. The welding process uses Kemppi equipment. 

The availability of qualified personnel and the necessary equipment makes it possible to carry out the full volume of mechanical assembly work, including the assembly of structures, the connection of hydraulics, pneumatics and power supply mechanisms.


Tel.: (+372) 52 95 002
Tel.: (+372) 53 402 841
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Mustanina küla
40111 Narva-Jõesuu linn

Production coordinates

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